Username generator is a site that offers the other end of spectrum to secure password generators. It is a site developed to help you generate a completely random username in case you need a new one. It helps you find a secure password. Secure passwords are a lot less predictable and make it easy to choose a new one that is either too easy to guess, or immediately leads to you.

Username generator helps you bypass the need to have to come up with creative usernames just to satisfy modern website’s constantly changing criteria about how you select a username, it also bypasses the complex thoughts that go into selecting a username. We help you generate random usernames.

In case you end up thinking why you would need a username generator to begin with? You might also wonder why you can’t just pick something at random that you can remember and make do with that? Well, the easy answer is that cyber security only works if you make sure to keep your passwords and usernames equally secure. Especially as most people tend to trust password keepers to keep passwords safe, they even rely on the same password keeping solutions to keep usernames stored, so memorizing passwords and usernames are no longer priorities, you just need to create a complex username.

As you may know, a complex password can be broken into if someone is motivated enough o do so. However, a username generated randomly, that is quite complex means adds a second level of security on to your password. This would mean that anyone trying to get unauthorized access to your system, or any accounts will have to double their efforts, which actually could end up taking more processing power than any modern computer (even super computers) can spare. It could take billions of years to power through that solution.

People usually use the same name for all platforms. This makes everything connected and thus easy to breach. Unless you are trying to build a unified online brand around your username, like mrbeast, Ninja, or Phase, etc. you don’t need to keep the same username for all sites. Modern platforms are easily able to differentiate between username and user identity. So, you could just keep your own regular name, with a randomly generated username.

Next time you sign up for a web account, consider something different than just your name and some random numbers, and even newer than the usual Tex45, BurnedRubber, Disco82, and really go for something unique?

Username generator is built with the understanding that sometimes it can be challenging to think up something fun and engaging, so why think at all? Why not trust usernamegenerator.me to do the job for you?

You can use this tool to create a range of random username by combining words from a variety of categories.

To use this tool, simply navigate your way to the “Customize your username” area of the site and click on “generate”, using the default settings, which is going to be 8 letters of random letters. You can change that to any combination you prefer.