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    Random username generator is a project developed to help you create random usernames in case you find yourself in need of a new one, but need to be a little more secure, and a lot less predictable in choosing a new one that is either too easy to guess, or immediately leads to you.

    Username generator is a tool designed to bypass the process where you have to come up with creative usernames just to satisfy modern site’s ever evolving criteria about what complications go into selecting a username. We help you generate a username at random.

    The first question that might pop up in your head might be, why do I ever need a username generator? Why can’t I just pick something at random that applies to me and make do with that? Well, the simple answer is that modern cyber security is only as secure as you want to be.

    Even the most complex password can be broken into with a powerful enough bash script, however, a username that is randomly generated and complex means anyone trying to acquire unauthorized access to your account or system will have to double their efforts, which, good news, requires more processing power than any modern computer (even super computers) can spare for a trillion years.

    The other challenge with usernames is that they are ubiquitous across all platforms. In some cases, they would have to be, as people are trying to build faithful personal brands across all social media. However, modern platforms are easily able to differentiate between username and user identity. So, you could just keep your own regular name, with a randomly generated username.

    Next time you sign up for a web account, why not consider something altogether different, and even newer than the usual John312, Austin316, Taker211, and really go for something unique?

    We understand that sometimes it can be challenging to think up something fun and engaging, so why think at all? Why not trust usernamegenerator.me to do the job for you?

    You can use this tool to create a range of random username by combining words from a variety of categories.

How Username generator Works?

Simply navigate your way to the “Generate Random Secure Username” area of the site and click on “generate”, using the default settings, which is going to be 8 letters of random letters, both uppercase, and lowercase. Let’s discuss each button in detail.

  • Uppercase
  • Uppercase letters are all capitalized, JUST LIKE THESE. The advantage of uppercase letters (other than their grammatical usage) is that they immediately stand out. They highlight the word, when used.

  • Lowercase
  • Lowercase letters are small letters, just like these. These are the simplest to use, and make for easier input, especially on mobile devices. Using them in a combination with uppercase letters makes for a relatively easy to remember username, even if it is a bunch of randomly generated strings.

  • Numbers
  • We are well aware of usernames with a bunch of numbers thrown in, sometimes it’s a meaningful number like their year of birth, other times, it’s something more elaborate like the year they got married or something like that. However, randomizing using numbers means your username will be a little more complex, making it harder to penetrate.

  • Symbols
  • Special characters like [email protected]#$%**(), are all called symbols. They make for an interesting username, for sure, but they all make for a harder to crack one. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to exhibit some flare, instead of calling yourself BigMan, you could be [email protected] and still be unique.

  • Exclude Similar Characters
  • We all know that in certain font configurations, certain letters look exactly the same as each other. e.g., 1, I, l, and L can appear similar, same goes for O, o and 0, etc. If you want to make your username as complex as possible (warning, making it too complex and you might have a hard time remembering it).

    You can generate as many usernames as you want, there is no limit. Nor are you required to sign in, or even give any personal data.

    You might even notice that many of these random usernames probably have too many characters to be memorable, or even useful. If you feel that might be the case, then it might be worth considering that they are a lot of fun to generate and try to make sense of anyway. It might prove entertaining to see what results you get when combining random words in an odd and random fashion.

    Sometimes you might get a suggestion that might seem silly; however, you could generate a random string and connect it to the end of something meaningful to you. E.g., JohnSmith%[email protected]@ - making it both strong and random enough.

    Suffice to say, if you want to include a word of your own in the username suggestions you could try this username generator. you'll be able to enter a word of your selection, then mix it with alternative random words to ascertain what you finish up with.

Stay Safe

    Did you know that your username is just as much your personal data as the contents of the account it grants users access to? A poorly chosen username can link back to all your accounts – try to google your username and see how easy you are to find - or even reveal your identity.

    How, you might be wondering? Hackers (technically, they’re called crackers) can use the same tools as marketers to cross-reference your usernames over multiple platforms, this is called social engineering. This helps them create your online profile and that inevitably leads to your social media accounts. There are many ways to keep yourself protected against such social engineering. The trick is to use a random username generator and never reuse the same name for any account. This might seem tedious, but it gets results. If they can’t connect two accounts to each other, they can’t make their way back to you.

    The biggest advantage of having a unique username is that, unlike passwords, you don’t need to regularly change usernames of any given account. In fact, most platforms don’t even have such an option. You might have to contact customer support. However, for the most security, it is strongly advisable to always use different usernames for each new online account you create.

    There is a lot of recent data that shows how cybersecurity hacks are happening more frequently, with username and email addresses targeted in equal measure. Creating a secure username can go a long way in protecting your information against cyber threats, and it goes a long way in protecting your information online. That’s what the username generator tool does for you.

    Remember Snapchat’s 2014 data breach? The same year saw a data breach at Sony. Or recently like Cyberpunk 2077’s data theft and subsequent release. It affected millions of usernames and mobile numbers. Although passwords and emails were not exposed or leaked, Snapchat has made it their policy to encourage users to create their usernames again as well as to change their passwords. Using a random username makes you impregnable to security breaches as it acts as a second password for your account. That makes it that much harder for anyone to get into your system.

How to improve a Username?

    Adding flair to a username is nowadays called leetifying it (stems from the term “l33t”, which is an internetization of the word “elite” denoted for experienced gamers). Leetifying your username means to replace standard letters with special symbols or numbers. Leetified usernames are much harder to link to other accounts as they might appear similar to regular text, at least to human eyes, but they might as well be garbled text when a computer tries to read it. If you can’t be john, you could be [email protected]#n. Note, some platforms don’t allow special characters for usernames, you’ll want to keep things simple for those.

    You can leetify usernames by replacing regular alphabets with simple characters. Just replace letters with similar symbols: for example, use “@” or “a” for “o,” “1” for “|” “5” for “S,” and so on.

    If all else fails, let username generator give you a random password and choose whatever makes most sense to you and make your way from there.

What is the best username tips from professionals?

  • Your email usernames should not contain any personal information that can be traced back to you, especially nothing sensitive. E.g. national identity card number, (or SSN if you are in the US), banking information, phone numbers, addresses, important dates, etc.

  • Make a firm decision on whether you want to be public, then you might want to pick a memorable username that spans across all your social accounts, e.g. ninja, MrBeast, PewDiePie, etc. otherwise you can pick something random and keep it private.

  • Create a username that is simple enough to remember but hard to guess - and store it some place no one can find it. Ideally on a securely kept piece of paper. No computer can hack into a piece of paper.

You can brainstorm what words could fit into your username. In my name ideas, I used combinations of words that will be appealing to the eye, interesting to others as well as yourself, and easy to remember. The target is to build a list of words and names that first pop to your mind when thinking about your intended username.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Username generator?

Username generator is a tool or software that lets one create a username, According to the criteria Such as lowercase, uppercase, numbers etc. It is beneficial as usernames are asked in many websites and apps as to login.

What kind of usernames are best?

The best combinations of usernames are generated when you have something that is personal to you, coupled with numbers or strings that might seem incoherent to everyone else, but should be meaningful to you.

How does a Username Generator add an extra layer of security layer?

Many people use the same username online across multiple platforms and websites, from Gmail accounts to banking websites. One exposure to a person’s username can open the door to identity theft, as all related information is up for grabs.

How do I use the username generator?

It is quite simple, just toggle the configuration (details given in the opening passage) as per your satisfaction and click on generate. Please know that it will auto-generate usernames when you change settings, so you don’t have to press generate each time.

Is there a limit to how much I can use username generator?

There is no limit to how much or how frequently you can use the username generator. You should be happy with what you’ve selected and there does not need to be any reason for you to stop unless you are satisfied with the results.

How complex should a username be?

Even though the username generator lets you generate up to 50 characters, it is usually advisable to keep between 12 and 16 characters. That number is easy to keep track of, to memorize and to access regularly.

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